St. Volodymyr's Parish

Ukrainian Catholic Church

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Saturday, 19.1.2019, 5:29 PM
Orphus system

General Worship times



6:30 PM - Moleben to Saint Volodymyr (St. Volodymyr's church)


Tuesday, Thursday

6:30 AM - Divine Liturgy (St. Volodymyr's church)


Wednesday, Friday

9 AM - Divine Liturgy (St. Volodymyr's church)



8:30 AM - Confession (St. Volodymyr's church)

9 AM - Divine Liturgy (St. Volodymyr's church)

6 PM - Great Vespers (St. Volodymyr's church)

Every second Saturday of month

6 PM - Divine Liturgy in English (St. Volodymyr's church)



9:00 AM - Divine Liturgy alternates between St. Michael's church and St. Volodymyr's church. Please check the Parish Bulletin for more details.


Feast day

night before:

6:30 PM - Great Vespers with Lytia (St. Volodymyr's church)

on the day:

10 AM - Divine Liturgy (St. Michael's church)

7 PM - Divine Liturgy (St. Volodymyr's church)



Every Saturday between 8:30 am and 9 am as well as 15 minutes before every service will be opportunity to receive Holy Confession, so everyone who would like to receive this Holy Mystery can do it. Also, you can call to the priest and arrange an other time.

Language of Services

Usually Worships are in Ukrainian, but it depends on people who are present in the church.

In St. Volodymyr's church on Sunday during Divine Liturgy Gospel, Epistle and sermon are in both languages (Ukrainian and English). Every second Saturday of month at 6 pm we have Sunday's Divine Liturgy in English.


more details about Worship Times please see on

Monthly Schedule and Weekly Schedule