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Saturday, 28.1.2023, 1:22 AM
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The joyous time of the Christmas Season is once again upon us,and we reflect once more upon a year gone by.


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It’s been more than ten years since I first noticed something odd about the generally pleasant—and generally Catholic—students at the college where I teach. The boys and girls don’t hold hands.

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Most of us have heard the song about Santa Claus coming to town. In the song we are told that he sees us when we are sleeping and knows when we are awake and even if we have been bad or good. In my own life hearing this as a child had significant meaning, especially since my parents told me this person was real.

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As fewer and fewer young people keep up with their faith,Jesus Christ and his Church are further away from their daily thinking. We live in a very secular world where spirituality has more to do with singing birds than anything Jesus said or did. The old traditions of our ancestors turn out to be just that. Something our grandparents did,but something which has little significance in "my world”.

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Dearly Beloved in Christ!

These words of the holy apostle Paul, directed to the elders of the Christian community in Miletus, contain a message not only for the people in the times of St. Paul, but for us living today in the 21st century. As we, the Bishops of the Ukrainian-Greek Catholic Church throughout the world, prepare to hold our annual Holy Synod, St. Paul reminds us that through this gathering, we who have been called to oversee the Church are to tend this Church of God that the Lord has acquired through the shedding of his own blood, and for which during the thousand-plus year history many of its sons and daughters have given their lives.

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Easter Message of His Beatitude Sviatoslav

To the Reverend Clergy and Faithful of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Christ is Risen!

"Let heavens rejoice in a worthy manner, the earth be glad,
and the whole world, visible and the invisible, keep the Feast.
For Christ our eternal joy has risen!”

The Paschal Canon

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Bishop’s Peter Easter Message

To the Clergy, religious and faithful of the Eparchy of Ss. Peter and Paul, Melbourne, Australia and Oceania.

Christ is Risen! Truly He has Risen!

We gather together this Easter, to celebrate the Risen Lord, the Resurrection of Christ. We have come with different expectations and backgrounds. Our daily lives differ; our aims and expectations in life are different. There is one thing that is the same.

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On the Third Sunday of Great and Holy Lent, the Orthodox Church commemorates the Precious and Life-Giving Cross of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Services include a special veneration of the Cross, which prepares the faithful for the commemoration of the Crucifixion during Holy Week.

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The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church primate on the challenges of time, public outreach, and interdenominational relations

Interviewed by Larysa IVSHYNA, Viktoria SKUBA, Maria SEMENCHENKO, Nadia TYSIACHNA, The Day

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Pastoral letter of His Beatitude Sviatoslav (Shevchuk)
to the faithful of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church
for Great Lent 2012

«Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!»
Mt. 4:17

Dear in Christ!

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Candles play a major role in our Liturgical Rite. We use candles at Easter, candles at Christmas, candles at Theophany, candles at baptism, candles at weddings, candles on the Altar table, candles before icons, candles during processions, candles everywhere. So why do we use candles and what is their significance? Candles, lamps, light and flames represent the visible presence of God as the Light of the World. To understand the meaning of candles in our worship, we must look to the Bible where God is so often described in terms of fire and light.

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Most Reverend Archbishops and Metropolitans,
God-loving bishops, reverend clergy, reverend monks,
Beloved brothers and sisters, in Ukraine and in the diaspora


Christ is born! Glorify Him!
Christ descends from the heavens, welcome Him!
Christ is now on earth, O be jubilant!
Christmas Canon
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To the clergy,religious and the faithful of the Eparchy of Ss. Peter and Paul Melbourne,

Christ is Born,Glorify Him.

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My family celebrates two Christmases,and my grandchildren are now of an age to be asking:Why are there two?

I typed out my answer, of which I will give each of them a copy tonight. This is what they will read.

By:Peter Drosdowech
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Liturgical Privileges of a Parish Priest / Administrator
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Ten things that GOD Won't Ask you
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