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Who is the author of the Bible?
The Bible is "the word of God" (1 Thessalonians 2, 13) through which God revealed His truth about Himself and us humans.

According to the teaching of the Church, all books of the Old and New Testament are sacred, because they were written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. That's why God is the author of Bible, addressing people through the hagiographers who wrote the script.  God is the main author while humans are the minor authors of the Holy Scriptures.  Their themes, principal thoughts and context come from God. The words, expressions, layout and grammatical, literary and stylistic characteristics were provided by the human authors.

The hagiographer performs the task according to his talents, personality and strength. In the process of writing he can ask for technical assistance. God gives him inspiration, but does not change his nature, character and abilities. It is a mystery of God's grace how His truth passes through to us humans.
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