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Saturday, 28.1.2023, 9:15 PM
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Beloved in Christ,

In the midst of this year’s challenges and uncertainty, Pascha, “the day which the Lord has made” (Ps 117:24), is for us a day of inexpressible joy and hope. On the brightest feast of Christ’s Resurrection, our Holy Church celebrates the mystery of opposites reconciled: burial and resurrection, death and life, crucifixion and glory, sorrow and joy. 

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At the voice of the angel, calling to the shepherds in the dark of night, let us now hasten to the poor stable in Bethlehem. Here we see in the Blessed Virgin Mary’s arms the Son of God, who came into our world as a man. Together with them, let us rejoice and marvel; let us sing and contemplate the living and true God, who—born in a human body—gives Himself into human hands as a small, gentle and defenceless child.

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In the past year much has happened and continues to happen to inspire us in our faith. At this time of year when we celebrate Saint Nicholas, the Nativity of Christ and Theophany, we give some thought to people who have inspired us in our faith during the year.

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"I take up the song of the angels who appeared to the shepherds in Bethlehem on the night when Jesus was born. It is a song which unites heaven and earth, giving praise and glory to heaven, and the promise of peace to earth and all its people.”

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To the clergy,religious and faithful of the Eparchy of Ss. Peter and Paul

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The joyous time of the Christmas Season is once again upon us,and we reflect once more upon a year gone by. For all of us there have been joys and disappointments. Putting it simply this is the nature of life. Many things have changed in the world,since the birth of Christ,but then many have unfortunately remained the same. Selfishness,greed and violence are still with us even after 2,000 years of Christianity. All of these things lead ultimately to conflict and war. This in turn leads to the relocation of families and sometimes whole communities.

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On this holy and joyful day of the Nativity of Christ, I send you most sincere greetings on the occasion of this major feast of Christian faith.  Christmas is the day when the eternal and invisible God willed to become human as a newborn Child. Christmas is a time when the mighty and incomprehensible Almighty Lord who holds in his hands the life and fate of all living beings, willed Himself to a human being, to place himself in the embrace of His Virgin Mother and to seek refuge in her betrothed Joseph.  Christmas is a celebratory moment, when the lonely contemporary person feels the trembling of an unspoken closeness of God and His attention, when the heavens and the earth, angels and people, heavenly stars and earthly animals unite as one family around the Bethlehem manger in which today lies the newborn King of All Ages and  joyful sing "Glory to Him!”

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"Keep watch over yourselves and over the whole flock
of which the Holy Spirit has appointed you overseers,
in which you tend the Church of God that He acquired with his own blood”.

(Acts 20:28)

Dearly Beloved in Christ!

These words of the holy apostle Paul, directed to the elders of the Christian community in Miletus, contain a message not only for the people in the times of St. Paul, but for us living today in the 21st century. As we, the Bishops of the Ukrainian-Greek Catholic Church throughout the world, prepare to hold our annual Holy Synod, St. Paul reminds us that through this gathering, we who have been called to oversee the Church are to tend this Church of God that the Lord has acquired through the shedding of his own blood, and for which during the thousand-plus year history many of its sons and daughters have given their lives.

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Easter Message of His Beatitude Sviatoslav

To the Reverend Clergy and Faithful of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Christ is Risen!

"Let heavens rejoice in a worthy manner, the earth be glad,
and the whole world, visible and the invisible, keep the Feast.
For Christ our eternal joy has risen!”

The Paschal Canon

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Bishop’s Peter Easter Message

To the Clergy, religious and faithful of the Eparchy of Ss. Peter and Paul, Melbourne, Australia and Oceania.

Christ is Risen! Truly He has Risen!

We gather together this Easter, to celebrate the Risen Lord, the Resurrection of Christ. We have come with different expectations and backgrounds. Our daily lives differ; our aims and expectations in life are different. There is one thing that is the same.

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